Consulting China

We are an international team of committed people, dedicated to nurture your business growth.
We guide you through the various stages of your development. We are your long term global partner.

  • Setting up your international purchasing
    office in China
  • – Administrative support for customs
  • – Organization of local and international

Sourcing:It is the first stage of any purchasing or manufacturing project, it can also provide you monitoring of your current purchasing prices.

Manufacturing: Based on our strong network of manufacturers in China, we can find in a short time reliable factories with suitable production capacity and competences to meet your product specifications.

Quality controls: We provide Quality Management process based on best practices of  Total Quality Management. Our Quality Management process includes Quality Planning, Quality Training and Quality Control.

Business development:

Facilitate the establishment of French companies in China (mainland and Hong Kong), spectacular growth countries,
Etablish partnerships between French and Chinese companies.
Make travel arrangements and business international fair (Canton Fair and Hongkong Fair electronic etc.)
Organize the exhibition and events business

Here are some of Our partenaires et offices in China:

HongKong: Olym Technology Plus., Co., Ltd

208-212 Nathan Road, Kowloon HongKong   Tel/Fax: 00852 34263738/ 27837978

Shenzhen : 17,Yong Fu,Guo Qi Building A,Shang Bu(South)Rd,Fu Tian District,Shenzhen,China

Office in Shanghai: 1418 Rt Nanjing, Shanghai 200040 China

Office in Fuzhou: 97 Rt, Hunlin, Fuzhou, 350003  China

Office in Zhuhai: Mingzhu, Renming Road, Xingzhou, Zhuhai, China

Office in Xinmen:

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