Sourcing in China

Minghong Consulting  offers its expertise in company formation and business management to help you successfully setup and develop your business. Our team will provide you with a personalized evaluation and develop a customized strategy to suit your needs and goals. We will work to improve your company’s performance and establish sustainability. The Minghong Consulting team has the right tools and resources to guide you towards success.

Our equipe help develop their supply chain strategy, improve the performance of their existing supply chain, optimize their operations, and maximize the value of their outsourced manufacturing relationships. We provide manufacturing, operations, industrialization, and supply chain consulting as well as managed supply chain services to technology product companies around the world.

Our highly experienced local staff acts as an extension of our OEM clients’ operations team, making the often daunting process of offshore manufacturing and sourcing much simpler in China.

  • purchasing strategy
  • purchasing management
  • Optimization of your existing suppliers
  • Negotiation and payment conditions
  • Sampling and technical conformity tests

Minghong consulting clients include numerous start-ups as well as the number one or number two global players in several industries including:

  • french vin
  • Promotion gifts
  • Chinese jade
  • Video surveillance
  • Chocolat
  • Storage devices and memory
  • Specialty consumer goods

In today’s complex world of outsourced manufacturing and global production, many firms struggle to create competitive advantage in their manufacturing and supply chain operations. The increasing decoupling of the sources of product innovation from the primary sources of production has created a “revision to the mean” problem where so many OEMs rely on their manufacturing partner for not only manufacturing, but increasingly for all aspects of supply chain design and management.

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